Cork & Olive Secrets

Cork & Olive Secrets


Arrival at São Bras de Alportel to visit the Ethnografic Museu, a private residence, from the 19th century, owned by a rich cork merchant. The village of São Brás is one of the main centres of the cork industry in the country. Visit a factory and learn about the techniques of processing the cork. The tour ends with a visit to the factory shop, where you may find unique design manufactured items made out of cork skin.

Free time for lunch (lunch not included)

Visit a artisan producer of olive oil in the Eastern Algarve.
Guided tour through 20 hectares of olive grove planted with diferent varieties of olive trees.
The olives are hand picked in autumn and immediately taken to the press which dates back to the “roman times”. They are crushed into paste in a granite stone mill. The oil is then extracted with state of the art modern equipment and stored in stainless steel containers until filtered and bottled.
The result is an olive oil of the highest quality and awarded with serveral International medals: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Seasons Available:

2019-02-01 to 2019-04-13
Operating Days:
  • Friday